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Combatting Food Waste in Professional Kitchens

Food Waste is a problem for the environment, the restaurant’s bottom line, and its reputation. Professional kitchens, like any other food service establishment, generate a significant amount of food waste. However, several techniques, training, and technology solutions are available to help combat food waste in professional kitchens. By adopting a comprehensive approach, restaurants can significantly […]

Not just any wine cooler

Wait until this baby is filled with all those incredible winesThis is not your average refrigerated wine cellar.This is THE wine cellar Well done to the #SPITERIteam of installers and everyone involvedAnother WINE LIBRARY installed at a new but renowned restaurant in the historic streets of Valletta We can’t wait to share more… stay tuned… […]

Good Brown Bread

Good brown bread should be moist, flavourful, and have a hearty texture. For best result use a combination of whole grain flours: maybe a blend of whole grain flours, such as whole wheat, rye, and cornmeal, to give the bread a complex flavour and texture. Add flavourings: Use molasses, honey, or maple syrup to sweeten […]

How to keep glassware sparkling

Nothing is worse than finding an unkempt glass on the table in front of you dining out. Or even finding out you have to redo the redwine glasses as they have watermarks on them.Here are several steps you can take to keep drinking glasses no less than sparkling in a restaurant: Use a high-quality dishwasher […]

What constitutes good service

Good service in a restaurant can include a variety of factors, including: Attention to detail: This includes refilling drinks without being asked, bringing extra utensils or napkins as needed, and generally anticipating the customer’s needs. Attention to detail without being overbearing Waitstaff needs to pay attention to detail and anticipate the customer’s needs, but they […]

Food photography tips for chefs

Here are a few tips for food photography as a chef: Use natural light whenever possible: Natural light tends to be more flattering for food photography. Try taking your photos near a window or outdoors. If you need to use artificial light, use a diffuser to soften the light and reduce shadows. Play with angles: […]

Ten ways to reduce chef stress

It is essential to reduce stress at work for a chef for several reasons: Stress can negatively impact physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to various health problems, such as headaches, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It can also affect job performance. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it can be harder to focus […]

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