Not just any wine cooler

Wait until this baby is filled with all those incredible wines
This is not your average refrigerated wine cellar.
This is THE wine cellar
Well done to the #SPITERI
team of installers and everyone involved
Another WINE LIBRARY installed at a new but renowned restaurant in the historic streets of Valletta
We can’t wait to share more… stay tuned…

EnoFrigo is a brand of wine coolers and wine storage units. Wine coolers, also known as wine refrigerators or wine chillers, they are appliances specifically designed to store and cool wine at optimal temperatures. They are used to keep wine at a consistent temperature, which can help preserve its flavour and prevent it from deteriorating.

EnoFrigo wine coolers come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different needs. Some models are designed for storing a few bottles of wine, while others are larger and can hold dozens of bottles. Many EnoFrigo wine coolers also have features such as adjustable temperature controls, internal lighting, and glass doors that allow you to see the contents of the cooler without opening it.

To use an EnoFrigo wine cooler, you simply need to place your wine bottles inside and set the temperature to the appropriate level for the type of wine you are storing. Different types of wine should be stored at different temperatures, with red wines typically stored at slightly warmer temperatures than white wines. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or a wine storage guide for more information on the optimal storage temperatures for different types of wine.

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