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Supermarkets and convenience stores are looking for greater energy efficiency and require large capacities. Spiteri Catering offers cooling insights for every reality and provides its most efficient solution for supermarket islands, such as units using an Inverter Technology with variable speed controls.
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In today’s busy and expanding food retail industry, efficient refrigeration is an essential component of any successful business. Having a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient refrigeration system can make a big difference to a company’s bottom line. Food retail refrigeration offers a wide range of options from small walk in chillers to large multi-temperature systems. The quality and reliability of such systems can be critical to business success.

When it comes to food retail refrigeration, the process begins long before the equipment is installed. It starts with the design, which must include the most efficient equipment layouts and the right refrigeration systems to meet the needs of the business. Designers must understand the number and types of customers, the volume of products and services required to keep them cool, the areas to be cooled, and the desired temperature range. Careful consideration should be given to the cooling capacity needed and the temperature range required to maintain food safety, as well as to the local climate.

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