advanced static refrigeration system
hot gas defrosting
electronic control panel
automatic vaporisation of condensate water
front glass tilt forward, double glazed with white screen printing
security system for front glass opening (gas spring with lock-in system)
top shelf made with satin glass
stainless steel drawers with flavour label on the handle of each drawer
container filled with glycol in each drawer
LED front lighting for every ice-cream drawer and its flavour
customizable front panels
adjustable feet made with inox

Technical data
INSÙ – GELATO| total length w/out end walls| total length with end walls| total useful capacity| refrigerant| temp class| power supply
1,2 H1 2001 27012 drawersR452A3S / -20 ÷ -5230 V / 50 Hz
1,2 L1 20012708 drawersR452A3S / -20 ÷ -5230 V / 50 Hz

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