More ergonomy, less energy consumption, more environmental friendly


  • Vertical Remote Display Cabinets
  • Temperature Range : 3M1-3M2-3H0
  • Eco-friendly Cyclo-pentan Polyurethane Body
  • Reliable Cooling System
  • Easy Modularity
  • Maximum Display Area
  • Easy Cleaning


Seamlessly combining beauty and practicality.
Completely redesigned from the ground up, the third generation our multideck models are packed full of high-end
production technologies, utilising a clever construction, advanced air curtain technology and sophisticated accessories.
The new multi deck series Lepus and Libra condenses all the strengths of the
Our brand more than ever before.


Reliable and beautiful
The new LEPUS is an all-new multideck
that opens a new chapter for us.
It combines reliable production technologies
with the new flat design discipline. This model will be
the sign of many changes for the future our models.
While improving the looks, we are implementing
all the recent innovation for energy efficiency of
the display cases. With the improved insulation
character, the use of energy efficient components
and an innovative air curtain structure the redesigned
multideck series offer a long term commitment to
your stores.


The new design discipline wins in every aspect.
Our manufactures its multidecks in variable depths and models so that we meet the exact requirements of the shop
floor. While keeping the wide range of models we manage to combine various types of cabinets in beautiful transitions.
The minimalist design lets us have a continuous lineup of different models with great harmony. With numerous fittings and
accessories the full height and semi-multideck range meets all of your individual needs.

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